Yoga & Body Soul Movement
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June-October: see Crete, Greece



Awaken your natural rhythms, confidence and vitality. You will be filled up & stretched out, and then let loose to be super active, or to ponder the meaning & purpose of your life.


Discover tranquility, meet amazing people, and splash the sea!


With the warm and welcoming teachers and staff, the effectiveness of the classes, the delicious food, and the value for your money, we will make sure this retreat and your trip to Mexico will be such an incredible journey that you will want to stay longer and come back again.


This retreat includes Yoga and Body Soul Movment classes, Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP), Temezcal Sauna with a Cleansing Ritual, and much more!





Body-Soul Movement and Yoga Healing Journey

In La Ventana (the Window), Baja California Sur, Mexico, with Federica Clemente, guest yoga teachers, and chef Joshua Gefroh


Families welcome!



Beach Session


We do Yoga and Body Soul Movement to feel alive, vital and empowered. We activate our physical body to influence the mind and emotions, which not only helps us to gain core strength, but core confidence as well. We are surrounded by the energy of the sun, wind and sea to lift our energy, boost our joy, and recover our playful spririt.

Although it is not yoga in the traditional sense, Body Soul Movement is super valuable in helping you to move forward in your regular yoga practice. It helps you get more in touch with your body and understand it from a different perspective. It helps you to get past the blocks in your practice. It will help you to improve and enjoy your yoga practice!

We relax to create time and space for transformation and healing. We enhance our natural beauty, care for our wellbeing, and make blissful raw chocolate truffles. When it is time to eat, we eat well!

Mornings begin with the daily beautiful sunrise, followed by yoga and a delicious, wholesome breakfast. In the evening, you will boost your vitality, nourish your true potential, and get in touch with your creative nature through Body Soul Movement Therapy.

This retreat experience is located in La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico. La Ventana is a small Mexican fishing village where the mountains give way to a beautiful cactus-covered desert that melts into the blue-green waters of the Sea of Cortez. La Ventana means "the window," and it is considered one of the most perfect places to kitesurf and windsurf. You will feel the vibe, elements and energy of the place and people.

You will also enjoy a cooking class to learn how to make blissful raw chocolate truffles, healthy seasonings to enhance any meal, and the special healing drink that you will enjoy each morning during your stay.

The Course Program

Each week begins with a welcome circle celebration and then the introductory Body-Soul Movement Therapy session at 5 pm on the day of arrival, followed by dinner. The last day begins with the morning class and ends following a late breakfast/brunch.

During the week, mornings begin around 7am with a special macrobiotic morning drink to nourish and strengthen your digestive system. The first class begins around 7:30am with meditation, followed by a 1-hour Arising Light Yoga class with Federica, or Vinyasa Flow / Therapeutic Yoga class with one of our guest teachers.

A delicious and nourishing breakfast buffet is served after the class and includes your choice of a fresh, raw juice or smoothie.

After breakfast, you have an abundance of free time to try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), take some kitesurf or windsurf lessons (not-included, wind permitting), go on a bike ride, relax and enjoy the beach and sunshine, receive a treatment (one massage or craniosacral treatment included), or explore the village and region. Your stay includes free use of the bikes, SUPs, kayaks, and snorkel equipment.

Other possible activities: SCUBA diving & snorkeling, whale-watching, fishing trips, cave-painting tours, amazing hot-springs on the beach, and more if you can find the time!



Lunch is usually around 1pm.

The fourth or fifth day of the week is typically a rest day from either the morning or evening class. Optional classes/excursions/therapies can be arranged for an extra cost, including a private Body Soul Movement class, cooking classes, hiking, mt. biking, watersports, fishing, etc.

Meals are a set menu and include all breakfasts, lunches, and buffet dinners - with the exception of one dinner (on 7-day sessions) to give you a chance to dine out. There's a guest kitchen available to prepare your own food if you desire.

To ensure individual attention and group camaraderie, there is a maximum of 12 participants per session (so book early to ensure you get the time period you want).

No previous experience in yoga or any movement activity is required for participation in the course, and will not affect your enjoyment of the retreat. Our not-so-secret mission in this retreat is to see you transform and have a life-changing experience!

All classes are taught in English. (optional languages include: Italian, French and Spanish)

Morning classes: 1-hour Arising Light or Yoga class

Mornings usually begin with the Arising Light morning class.

The Arising Light class begins with silence and stillness, which helps us to enter into another state of consciousness and body presence. This state of being arises from the breath, and will guide us in a flow of experience that we can call yoga.

The class will include:
-aerobic movement
-walking and doing activity or exercise in nature (for example yoga on the beach)
-asanas (postures) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation)

The morning class helps the body and mind to smoothly transition from a state of sleep and dreams to being awake and active. It is a beneficial practice you can add to your morning to help you stay centered and focused during the busy day. We will learn different ways to celebrate life! 

Evening classes: 2-hour Body-Soul Movement Therapy

Through authentic, free movement we will release the deep tension and limitations that block our freedom and vitality. We will shake off the mind’s heavy burden of past experiences and their associated judgments. Through dancing, singing, playing, breathing and touching we will feed the parts of our body and soul that we have buried, forgotten and ignored. In short, we will reveal and awaken their natural states of being.

Through self expression, we will reach a new form of dialogue and union with ourselves. We will play with ourselves. We will challenge our ego and our comfort zone, light up our "story" and feel lighter.

In this journey there is no teacher and no technique to memorize. We are not here to learn any new theories. We have collected so many theories that our minds seem to have lost their ability to be alert, silent and open to pure creation.

This physical - emotional - mental journey to find your true self is your own pure creation. Federica will be your guide and hold an open space for you. In her words: “I’m here to remind you of your power. I’m here to offer you tools to get through mental and emotional traps. Together, we will find your inner Light and Clarity”. 




Body Soul Movement therapy includes elements from:

-African dance
-contact improvisation
-bioenergetics exercises
-voice work
-breathing work
-physical theater
-self expression


Thoughtful discussion




Culinary Awakening Cooking Class

You will also enjoy a culinary class to learn how to make blissful raw chocolate truffles, healthy seasonings, and the special healing drink that you will enjoy each morning during your stay.


A room at Casa Verde




Casa Verde - el Paraiso de La Ventana. Located on the beach and in the center of La Ventana, these beachfront accommodations are stylish, clean, comfortable and peaceful. The quiet atmosphere and sea breeze give us space and inspiration, and allow us to attune to ourselves and natures rhythms. We can relax on the beach, or, when the wind is blowing, in the inner courtyard, which faces the sea.

We also have an excellent view from the second-story Yoga Palapa!



Here you can see the Yoga Palapa on the right side, under the palm-thatched roof.


Upper deck, outside teepees



La Ventana is a small Mexican fishing village where the mountains give way to a beautiful cactus-covered desert. Our desert is both idyllic and full of life, melting into the blue-green waters of the Sea of Cortez. This is a special and beautiful location with incredible turquoise water, amazing sunrises and sunsets, perfect temperatures and incredible dessert, mountain, sea and island vistas.

La Ventana is excellent for kite boarding and wind surfing. This area is one of the most consistently windy places you'll find anywhere in the world during its windy season (November-April).

This wind energy is an excellent catalyst to healing through movement and clearing obstructions. Coupled with La Ventana, which means "the window" these elements will super-power your intentions to gain freedom from the past and clarity into your true potential.


Inner courtyard, Temazcal and free bicycles



All guests have the use of our bikes and kayaks. The bikes are a great way to get around the village and into the desert, and the kayaks are perfect for cruising the calm morning waters of the sea of Cortez. Ocean kayaking along multi-colored water where dolphins come visit you can be made from fantasy to reality in Bahia de La Ventana. Nearly every morning the sea is as flat as a mirror, making kayaking easy and relaxing. An inquisitive dolphin may come by and investigate. Also, if you take a camera along, you can get perfect close-up shots of pelicans, seagulls and other sea birds.

Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP)
SUP has become very popular in La Ventana Bay. Most mornings are very calm and are perfect for the paddle boarding beginner and on the days when the surf is breaking it's even more fun. If you don't bring along your board and paddle you can use one of ours that we provide for our guests.

Snorkel gear is provided for our guests as well. Calm days make for crystal-clear water. There is a multitude of tropical fish to be found in the bay. Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau dubbed the Sea of Cortez "the world's aquarium."
Kite lessons


Kitemasters, as well as other kite schools offer lessons in La Ventana from November to April. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. So if you have no kiteboarding experience or if you just want to improve your riding skills, we will be happy to arrange lessons for you or you may contact one of these school yourself.
Spanish lessons

There are a few local Spanish instructors we can connect you with. They offer affordable, convenient lessons.

Inner courtyard, hammocks, SUPs and Kayaks



Food : Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine


You will never forget to eat or want to skip a meal!


  • Organic produce from El Sargento, Pescadero and La Paz
  • Organic bio-Yogurt from La Paz
  • Organic Cheese from N. BCS
  • Delicious Sourdough Bread from El Triumpho
  • Locally Roasted Organic Coffee
  • Fresh corn and wheat tortillas daily
  • Perfect Avocados




Each day includes a beautiful buffet Breakfast, a light lunch (optionally to go), and delicious buffet dinner. The food will include a wide variety of vegetarian cuisines and styles, depending on available ingredients. Several days will have a fresh fish option. Many of the fresh ingredients come from local farms. We will have both cooked and fresh options. We accommodate dietary requirements.

The village restaurants, only a short walk away, offer a wide range of local dishes, including fresh fish and meat.





Teachers and Workshop Leaders


Teachers Bio:

Federica Clemente

Federica is the manager and leading massage and craniosacral therapist at Spa Verde and the Healing Room, which is hosted by Casa Verde. During the summer, she works as a therapist and leads her highly regarded Body Soul Movement retreats at Yoga on Crete in Greece.

Federica's style of massage therapy and her Body Soul Movement therapy have gained attention from communities in several cities around the world, including London, New York, Paris, Helsinki, and Prague.

Federica grew up in Torino, Italy. She studied dance from a young age and lived up to her Leo nature, organizing impromptu "home productions" for her family. She also remembers organizing a charity at her school after learning about the poor living conditions of African children. Her loving and nurturing nature are alive in her role as a mother and wife, while her desire to lead and help others is now expressed in her work as a therapist and teacher.

Federica's own healing and awakening journey began while she was on a somewhat different path as a professional dancer. When she was 24 years old, Federica had an unfortunate accident while dancing in Africa. With the care of a local shaman, she began to heal from both physical and emotional pain. It was a life changing experience and became the foundation of her healing work.

Federica was inspired to stay in Africa and learn the ways of shamanic healing. During that time of healing and learning, her dance practice slowly turned away from putting on a glamorous show in the name of entertainment. Instead, it turned inward to a self-healing, therapeutic movement. After 3 years in Africa, she returned to Europe and searched for a recognized healing technique that reflected what she had learned from the shamans.

That search first brought her to yoga. Through the physical flow of asanas, she found the more subtle healing aspect of movement. And, from the yoga philosophy, she encountered something deeper that would later lead her to meditation.



While developing her yoga practice, she also completed a massage course. Massage was an important aspect of the shamanic healing she had learned about, and it gave her certification in a recognized therapy. Over the years of doing massage, particularly for yoga practitioners, and with her knowledge of shamanic healing, dance and yoga kinetics, she has enhanced and improved her technique to a point that her healing therapy is much more than a massage.

With encouragement from her clients, Federica began to hold weekend workshops to train others in her method of massage. However, from the first workshop she found that the participants needed to be in a more free and aware state (in other words, they needed to release tension and pre-occupied mental states) before they could access their own healing abilities. So, she intuitively began to use several different techniques to help them get there. That was an important step to her work as a healer because the participants gained so much from it - even more than from her massage work because it was initiated from within each person's own nature.

Amazed at how much true and meaningful healing could happen, she continued holding "massage" workshops and refining her approach to get the participants ready to massage. Slowly, the instruction in massage technique gave way to the more important aspect of helping others to find an improved state of wellbeing - a process which she now calls Body Soul Movement.

While developing Body Soul Movement, and searching for more subtle but powerful techniques to help others, Federica began to study biodynamic craniosacral therapy. She has since completed her two-year training and offers regular treatments.

Grateful to Life for her natural gift of healing, she will continue to nurture and develop her ability to help others in their journey of healing.


Joshua Gefroh

Joshua is the lead chef and cooking instructor at Yoga on Crete.

Joshua grew up in Oregon, surrounded by a big family of excellent home cooks who influenced his early enjoyment of food. His grandfather cultivated a large, vibrant garden and his grandmother prepared good, hearty meals from scratch - a combination influenced by the Alsatian cuisine of her homeland and the great depression that she had to cook her way through.

While Joshua always enjoyed eating food, his interest in cooking and the culinary arts really expanded after becoming vegetarian in 2002. He also began to feel more connected with how food plays an important role in lifestyle. Influenced by his friends, Joshua followed his interest to learn more about the nature of cooking and healing properties of foods.

From 2005-2007, he attended the 2-year macrobiotic chef training program at the Natural Epicurean. He has been working as a professional vegetarian chef since 2007, and has further developed his skills by working at vegetarian, macrobiotic, yoga, dharma and raw food restaurants, retreats and centers around the world.

Joshua wrote and self-published two cookbooks. The first contains all the original recipes he developed for the highly rated restaurant Paprika in Granada, Spain. The second includes many of the delicious recipes he prepares for guests at Yoga on Crete.



Molly Kissinger

Molly is a student of life, yoga practitioner of more than 20 years, mother, wife, avid sportswoman and kiteboarder, IKO instructor, and humble servant. She lives with her family in LaVentana, Baja California Sur, Mexico (November through April) and Hood River, OR (April through October). Molly is thoroughly grateful to share her impressions of wellness and everyday fitness with all those who join her.

The Chakra-Flow class includes the 7 chakras, with options to choose from seven 8 to 14-minute Chakra-specific flows. Each Chakra section has brief explanations and theory, a warm-up and a short flow. It is a holistic and systematic approach to Asana (the physical postures and movements) intended to enhance physical and mental emotions. This flow promotes happiness and ease without dullness, and strength and steadiness without tension.

Molly doing Yoga


What to bring

  • Light, loose, preferably natural fibre clothing for the yoga and movement classes
  • Yoga mat (optional)
  • Swimming wear and towel
  • Walking/hiking shoes
  • Sunscreen and, occasionally, mosquito repellent
  • Your smile

Booking and Cancellations

Reserve your place with a $300 non-refundable deposit - contact us for deposit instructions.

Refund policy:

Deposits are non-refundable, but you have a couple of options if you need to cancel. 1) Find someone to fill your place, or 2) we will apply your deposit to a future retreat if booked within 1 year of your cancellation.
We reserve the right to improve the program with prior notice to participants! 

Not included: flights to Mexico (La Paz: LAP, or Los Cabos: SJD) and transfers to the retreat location. We can help you arrange transfers. Insurance is recommended but not included, nor or οptional excursions and activities.






"The Body Soul Movement Experience is unparalleled and exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable!

Frederica and Joshua are gracious hosts: full of energy, expertise, willingness and eagerness to assist guests achieve balance and spiritual renewal. I exited Body Soul Movement feeling revitalized, renewed, and in many senses reborn!" ... read more




2014 Dates

Flexible mind, flexible body...flexible dates:

  • November 7-14 (from $400/person)

prices per person, all inclusive*

7 days/6 nights:


1 or 2 bed casita:

  • 1 person: $1,320
  • 2 people: $990/person

private casa with kitchen, king bed, and ocean view.

  • 1 person $1,650.
  • 2 people $1,150/person

Accommodations and Classes-only options:

  • 3-person shared teepee & yoga classes only $1,100 ($367/person - food and massage not included)
  • 3-person shared casa with kitchen & yoga classes only $1,675 ($560/person- food and massage not included)

Contact us for more options.

Retreat includes


  • Body Soul Movement classes
  • Arising Light / Yoga classes
  • Morning Meditation
  • 3 daily meals*
  • one Holistic Massage or Craniosacral Therapy treatment
  • one cooking class
  • Accommodations at Casa Verde
  • Use of SUPs, kayaks, bicycles and snorkel equipment
  • An evening meditation walk through the desert
  • Temazcal (traditional sauna) with guided inner and outer purification ceremony.

* one dinner is out on sessions more than 4 days


yoga and other Teachers join us - free!

We would like to work with other teachers in the healing and movement areas. Bring your students, take the retreat for free, and get paid!



Contact us to register








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